Treatment packages that save you money

Being Pro-Active

Regular massage is the best way to maximise the benefits it has to offer. This package offers you flexibility to have regular soft tissue work at 10% discount dependent on your specific needs (valid for 4 months)

5 x 30 minute treatment
(eg. upper back, neck and shoulders or legs)
5 x 45 minute treatment
(eg. whole back, neck and shoulders or legs and lower back)
5 x 60 minute treatments
(eg. legs, back, neck, shoulders)


De-stress, Detox and Re-Energize

This is the perfect package if you are a busy person and need to schedule regular time-out to relax and re-energize.

Using either massage or lymphatic enhancement (or combination of both) these 5 treatments will help you manage your stress, enhance your daily energy levels and improve your general health.

5 x 60 minute treatment  $518 valid for 4 months 10% discount 

5 x 60 minute treatment  $490 valid for 3 months 15% discount

Sporting Chance

This massage package is ideal if you are training for a specific event. Whether using the session for addressing a specific area of concern (tight hamstrings, stiff thoracic spine) or helping recovery from training and/or competition the “sporting chance” package is perfect if you want to maximise your training efforts.

This package offers a 15% discount on full prices (valid for 3 months) 

5 x 30 minute treatment $300
5 x 45 minute treatment $400
5 x 60 minute treatments $490

Terms and conditions

  • Discounts only apply when package is paid up front in full
  • All packages are dated from the first  treatment
  • First treatment to be booked at time of purchase
  • Packages are transferable to someone else

Gift Vouchers are available for any of the above packages