Heather Andrews

In late 2012 I suffered from adrenal fatigue, which ultimately led to me stopping running for nearly 18 months.  Pip recommended that I try the Lymphatic Drainage massage to help get my adrenals functioning healthily again.  Right from the first couple of sessions I noticed a difference, with some of the issues I had been experiencing no longer being a problem, my reaction to stressful situations reduced, and after a series of treatments I noticed that my energy levels had improved.

I have also found that having lymphatic drainage has helped me a lot with long distance running.  I would programme the lymphatic massage a few days before a long run, and after a long run or event to aid a speedy recovery.  It would take away that heavy feeling in my legs after a long run and helped me recover much more quickly and continue training after an event or long run. Lymphatic Drainage massage has definitely helped me, and I cannot recommend Pip enough for this.